Retail sector is evolving and customers are evolving too. Customers expect shopping experience tailored to their specific needs, sophisticated and detailed product information in real time. Retailers need high profitability that can be brought about through integrated technological solution that predicts consumer demand, shortens lead times, reduces inventory holding and realizes cost saving.

Vidyut’s integrated solutions are tailored to the unique needs of distributed retail environments. Specifically for the highly fragmented rural and semi urban retail markets, , we leverage our innovative technology to provide end to end solutions for our clients.

Some of our solutions in Retail technology framework are as follows:

  • Take orders from retailers and update the central warehouse
  • Establish a high quality low cost channel for semi-urban and rural retail
  • Increase the reach of the retailers
  • Integrate between stores to maximize resource utilization
  • Provide end users a choice of brands for the product categories
  • An up to date data management system for the distributers and customers
  • Bridge the gap in the global supply chain between technology retailers and local retail shops