Education is a dynamic industry; be it policy, syllabus or paper pattern, changes occur frequently. In this scenario, for an institution or a business, to survive and circumvent inertia; it is of prime importance to integrate technology. There is a need for an integrated system to centralize the operations and information in a consistent way to provide result oriented education.

At Vidyut we support institutions and organizations to overcome such hurdles and provide end to end solutions to their business concerns. We empower students by providing them with the devices and solutions that enable them to work in multilingual environment in real time. Our transliteration solutions are one of the best and most accurate. This brings students and institutions at parity with rest of the world. Our solutions equip institutes to be more effective and competitive in disseminating quality education. Our objective as your consultants is to reduce the gap between information source and the end users, making sure there is seamless flow of information. Our solutions cover the entire value chain to help:

  • Streamline the institutions and their processes
  • Centralize the information management system to ensure swift and clear communication with various educational units for syllabus change, sample papers etc
  • Equip students with the latest technology and applications, bringing even the remotest areas at par with global standards
  • High quality interactive lessons and content management
  • Overcome the constraint of language and bring students at par, globally
  • Easy and comprehensive tutorials for students to encourage more of personalized learning
  • Online expert support/tuition in all subjects
  • Built to support a variety of teaching approaches, from large classes and small groups, to individual student learning