Insurance, one of the most competitive sectors of all, has been constantly undergoing changes such as shrinking margins and constant reformation. With the ever-increasing reach of the industry and financial inclusion in the picture, data management and operations processes need to be tightly controlled and monitored. Micro insurance can only be effectively implemented with technology integration. There is a huge population needing insurance. Since this segment is unorganized, technology plays a vital role in enhancing processes across the value chain. Comprehending the need for a shift in business model to meet the distinctive demands of end customers, such as online services, Vidyut’s handheld devices with data connectivity, also known as point of sale terminals, play a pivotal in remote areas where there is no access to common technologies.

With our devices and technology we organize, automate and synchronize business processes. Some of the advantages of Vidyut Insurance solutions are:

  • Capture data online
  • Deliver services on the spot
  • Establish proper tracking mechanisms for sales as well as operations team
  • Reduce paper work
  • Reduce distribution and sales force maintenance cost
  • Renewal processes: automatic reminders via SMS
  • Fast, real time, enrolment process
  • Speed up claim settlement